UNSEENBEAUTY / The Art of Evolution

The USB vision is about charging the atmosphere of a space by bringing the uplifting benefits
of the outside world inside to inspire a positive environment to be within. A place people want to be, where we can share good company, with friend's, family and colleges in our areas of rest,
work and play to enhance positive interactions with each other and grow positive experience.

USB : Arts is governed by these 3 things;

Firstly to look towards nature and explore the three basic component parts which connect 
all image making techniques in art history to be; colour, texture and composition.

Secondly to capture these three elements through photography that focuses upon natural things that occur around us to discover connections between the things we can see and touch.

Thirdly to observe and contemplate the physical effects of weather impaction and Human interaction upon the things we see in the landscape that capture our emotional response.

UNSEENBEAUTY : Arts / The art of Evolution is the vision of Martin Carter, an artist living and working in Suffolk, United Kingdom. Exploring the globe with only his camera and an insatiable curiosity for finding a new view of beauty in our natural and man made worlds.

Follow the adventures of an explorer, with the curiosity of a scientist, observing the land as a painter through the lens of a camera.

Welcome one and all, explore your own way, to find an outward expression
for your i
nner self to give mental well-being a physical presence in the room...

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