USB : Arts put a lot of effort in to finding ways of making art accessible to everyone in the community, wherever you are and whoever you may be externally. We all need a space where
we can unwind from a stressful situation, wherever that is UNSEENBEAUTY : Arts will be able
to offer an escape route to relieve mental tiredness, with soft mental stimulion for relaxation.

This is not just a website for an artist to sell WallArt to beautify internal walls. 
We use this site as a vehicle to give back to every community who needs a mindful escape.


Click the links highlighted in BOLD below to find our other places for inspirational respite.

To view any of the 8 Bedtime Books we have created, to inspire a quiet brain space to
assist with your minds refreshment. Look below the surface to see USB reality with clarity.

Our Manifesto makes an interesting read also to help understand what happens behind the camera to complement the EVOLVISM vision before we bring it to your screen or wall space.

We have created some Beautiful Video's informed by USB awareness of the natural world, discovered during journeys taken to find relaxing places, to explore and find personal space.


We want to be active in the community physically too, so please take a moment to
see what we are doing on Crowdfund to make a difference, working closely with all
age groups because stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression have no barriers and
can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time. Our mission is to be there for you too. 


USB : Arts really do want to give something back, something that may help you or maybe someone you know who is going through stress and anxiety, which could lead to depression.
In this state people are likely to become isolated from others and not able to reach their full potential. This is not an age related issue, loneliness and depression can effect any age group.

How do I know this?, well, I've been dealing with depressive thoughts for over 20 years -
USB : Arts was developed to be my therapy. a mental exploration as much as a visual one.
The aim now is to become a visual remedy to others, for times we need to be with nature.

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